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Jean-Nicolas François

Marketing advisor

The Cause I Support

I am appalled by the unequal distribution of wealth between the North and the South. Wealth in the south is exploited by so called “responsible” businesspeople from the North claiming to do sustainable development by giving money to charities and planting trees while they get rich by impoverishing the planet.

My Volunteer Experience

I am making a commitment because I am young, and like all young people in the world, I am worried about the future. I have a degree in engineering that would qualify me to work in a big business, take part in consumer society and live my life without ever worrying about others. Personally, I want to get involved to create ties with young people around the world, from all cultures, colours and religions so as to make the world a better place.

I am making a commitment and taking action to create direct links between consumers from the North and producers from the South. I am targeting exchanges that are good for the planet (reduce the environmental impact of production), good for consumers in the North (quality, natural products), good for producers in the South (direct payment that cuts out middlemen). Moreover, I am trying to foster youth leadership in both the North and in the South so that all parties take control over their futures.

I am often cited as an example, and I try hard to make people aware of the consequences of their good or bad choices. I don’t think I am making a difference in my community alone, but rather setting in motion a domino effect that will be able to completely transform Quebec society in the long haul.

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