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Collaborating with Uniterra means working in partnership with individuals and organizations in developing countries and in Canada, united in implementing local projects aimed at social and economic development.

Uniterra promotes exchanges of expertise, information and know-how among volunteers. These exchanges occur in both directions between southern countries and Canada.

Southern partners

In Asia, Africa and Latin America, Uniterra’s partner organizations develop initiatives ensuring the well-being of their communities. With more than 150 partner organizations in developing countries, Uniterra works in the areas of equality between women and men, economic development, health (including HIV and AIDS), education and governance.

Learn more about the partner organizations in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Northern partners


Uniterra facilitates collaboration between organizations (southern and Canadian) working in common problem areas. Here are some examples:

  • Welcoming southern volunteers here for training programs, internships or sharing of knowledge;
  • Participation by southern volunteers in capacity-strengthening activities (over short periods);
  • Exchanges of information and expertise with southern organizations;
  • Educating the Canadian public on various development issues and actions taken by developing countries.

Learn more about the Canadian organizations involved with Uniterra.

International volunteers

Uniterra volunteers devote anywhere from two weeks to two years of their lives to international volunteer service. These individuals come from various backgrounds and put their skills to use in supporting the initiatives of the program’s partner organizations.

When they return, Canadian volunteers become agents of change, sharing insights and raising the awareness of major development issues among the Canadian public.

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Local committees

With a presence at more than 80 Canadian universities and colleges, WUSC Local Committees are managed by students and create Canada’s largest network of student groups. Through their involvement, young people help raise awareness and educate the Canadian public about the realities experienced by people in developing countries as they help promote international solidarity.

International Local Committees are also established in Burkina Faso and Ghana, where students raise awareness in their communities on major issues such as HIV and AIDS.

Uniterra supports the Local Committees on campuses as they mobilize for a better understanding of international development issues through education, advocacy and volunteer service.

Learn more about the Local Committees.


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