Fédération nationale des associations de santé communautaires du Mali - FENASCOM


The Fédération nationale des associations de santé communautaire [The National Federation of Community Health Associations] also known as FENASCOM, is a central federation of community health associations founded in 1994. FENASCOM contributes to development of accessible health and social service systems. It operates throughout Mali, in eight regions and the district of Bamako. It includes 1,070 health zones, of which 954 are represented by community health associations.

FENASCOM’s goals are to respect and defend the interests of its member community health associations, to develop a framework for collaboration, integration and coordination of the community health associations’ activities while ensuring full autonomy for each association, and to contribute to development and expansion of the community health movement.

It is involved in the following areas:

  • Social mobilization around issues related to strengthening the health system
  • Ensuring financial accessibility to quality health care and supporting the demand for, participation in and creation of village health solidarity units
  • Encouraging households to adopt basic malaria-prevention practices
  • Implementing a community approach to counter the spread of HIV infections and AIDS
  • Building capacity of community health associations and their federations to fulfil their missions

Involving women and young people is one of FENASCOM’s top priorities in each of these five intervention areas.

Some outcomes of volunteers’ work:

  • FENASCOM is now a recognized voice for all actors in the community health sector; its leadership is respected
  • FENASCOM has developed a partnership with the Regroupement québécois des intervenants et intervenantes en action communautaire [Quebec Association of Community Action Workers]. Out of this collaboration, a consultation process was established with people involved in community health in Mali
  • A pilot project is ongoing with the Centres de santé et de services sociaux québécois de la Vieille-Capitale et du Grand Littoral [Quebec Health and Social Service Centres located in Quebec City and the Coastal region] to improve the quality of service provided in community health centres in Mali
  • Using a sample of 10 community health associations, FENASCOM piloted a social mobilization approach designed to increase responsible participation by women and young people
  • 40 doctors have received training on nutrition for infants (from birth to 5 years old), pregnant and nursing women, and sick people


Yaya Zan Konare

President of the FENASCOM / Fédération nationale des associations de santé communautaire du Mali

Economic Development, Health and AIDS


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