Echoing the voices of women


Did you know that:

70% of the 130 million children who do not go to school are girls.
1 woman in 3 worldwide is a victim of violence.
66% of work worldwide is done by women. However, they receive less than 5% of world income.


The Her Challenge, Your Challenge campaign aims to encourage recognition and respect for women’s rights around the world as well as participation and empowerment of women with a view to building more egalitarian societies.

It connects two realities:

  • The reality of women in developing countries:
    “Her challenge” consists of speaking out to have their rights recognized and respected;
  • The reality of Canadian women and men:
    “Your challenge” consists of echoing their voices and spreading their messages.

View the videos, consult the blog and the resources, make a donation for equality, take action and contribute in your own way to making our societies more egalitarian by visiting the campaign website. Egalitarian societies are everyone’s concern!


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