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Searching for a way to learn and act on international issues? The following campaigns are the solution!

Uniterra campaigns

Invest in people! Support fair, democratic and inclusive economic systems in order to accelerate poverty reduction processes in developing countries. Let's back valuable human potential, rather than financial capital. Participate in The other faces of the economy campaign >>

Support a people-centred economy! By purchasing Fair Trade products, we can help individuals and communities take control of their lives. Not only will they see a difference in their livelihoods, they will also have better access to education, health care services, political participation and much more. You too can contribute. Put a human face to the economy by promoting ethical purchasing. Participate in the Buy into Change campaign >>

Support equality! In many developing countries, women’s rights are not recognized and respected. There, a more egalitarian society, one in which women and men have the same opportunities, is a real challenge. Support initiatives already implemented by women and men in developing countries to work towards girls’ and womens’ empowerment. Listen to women’s voices, echo their message. Participate in the Her Challenge, Your Challenge campaign >>

Support AIDS prevention in Africa! Bicycles, especially if outfitted with a stretcher, can be of great assistance to those living with HIV and AIDS in the rural areas of Malawi. Help purchase bikes and bicycle-ambulances for health workers: A $200 donation will buy a bicycle and $500 will provide a bicycle-ambulance – including costs for shipping and delivery. Get the wheels in motion. You too can change a life.
Participate in the Bike for AIDS campaign >>

Other International Development Campaigns

Support postsecondary education for refugees! In addition to supporting the Uniterra campaigns, WUSC Local Committees proudly support WUSC's Student Refugee Program (SRP). the Committees sponsor over 75 student refugees to Canada every year, enabling them to resettle as permanent residents and pursue their education at Canadian universities and colleges. Learn first-hand about refugee and resettlement issues. Support WUSC’ Student Refugee Program (SRP) >>

Support refugee girls’ education! In refugee camps, girls are expected to help with domestic chores and sibling care, limiting their opportunity to go to school. In many classrooms, boys outnumber girls 4:1. Girls want to improve their school performance. Help these girls get after-school programs, so they can catch up on their studies and gain self-confidence to succeed! Participate in WUSC’s Shine A Light campaign >>

Support african farmers and food sustainability! In sub Saharan Africa, smallholder farmers make up over 70% of the workforce, but for these subsistence farmers, hunger is never far from their door. Change is possible but they need the right information and a voice in development. Radio is the undisputed champion for providing rural Africans with information. Farm Radio International (FRI) is a WUSC partner organisation that provides support for radio programs on practical, low cost and sustainable solutions that reach millions at a cost of less than a dollar per listener. Learn more about Farm Radio International and support their work in Africa >>


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