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The Feria de Moda: Tribute to Volunteering and Bolivian Fair Trade Handicrafts.mov

Durée : 08:11 minutes

"The Feria de Moda: Tribute to Volunteering and Bolivian Fair Trade Handicrafts" Presentation of the Uniterra partners working in Fair Trade textile and handicrafts in Bolivia: RED OEPAIC, COTEXBO and the National Movement for Solidarity Economy and Fair trade.

Uniterra Symposia Series 2013

Durée : 02:08 minutes

Every year, the more than 80 WUSC Local Committees across Canada host educational symposia around the International Development Week (February) to engage their campus and communities to reflect and take action on international development issues. Check out our calendar of events to participate! www.uniterra.ca

Uniterra Photo Contest 2012-2013

Durée : 01:08 minutes

Are you a current volunteer or have you returned from the field? Send us your most beautiful and inspiring pictures that represent your experience as a Uniterra volunteer! Participate until May 15h, 2013, in one or several of the following categories : Volunteers in action / Partners in action /...

Seminaire international 2012 -- Senegal

Durée : 08:20 minutes

Le Séminaire international offre à de jeunes étudiantes et étudiants canadiens la chance de vivre une première expérience de coopération internationale dans un pays en développement. Jumelés d'autres jeunes du pays d'accueil, les étudiantes et étudiants Canadiens et leurs homologues réalisent ensemble un projet de recherche utile aux partenaires du...

Together, one step at a time | Volunteer Cooperation Program in Haiti

Durée : 02:45 minutes

WUSC, CECI, CESO and Paul Gerin-Lajoie present: "Together, one step at a time" Since 2006, well before the earthquake, CECI, CESO, Paul Gerin-Lajoie and WUSC have joined their efforts to contribute to the advancement of Haiti.


Durée : 03:21 minutes

Who are INDEVOURS? What is development? INDEVOURS, a group of optimistic, honest, and collaborative International Development students at the University of Waterloo, share their views on development issues and what they are doing about it. What are you doing about issues in development? Visit our website to learn more about...

Project Inspire 2012, 5 Minutes to Change the World: Tilimbikile, An Empowerment Project

Durée : 05:04 minutes

Are you inspired to impact the lives of women and girls and contribute to the achievement of global sustainable development? We certainly are. Check out our video pitch for Project Inspire: Five Minutes to Change the World, to find out more about our project Tilimbikile (meaning work hard and remain...

Nepal | Sankhu Dairy - District Milk Producers Cooperative Union

Durée : 10:41 minutes

Empowering women and developing their leadership. Due to the succesful establishment of the women-only dairy cooperative, attitudes have evolved significantly regarding women's and disadvantaged groups' role in Lalitpur dairy sector. According to Uddhav Ghimire, Manager of Lalitpur DMPCU, this project opened new perspectives: ''At first we thought it might be...

Melissa Wentzell - Veterinary Volunteer in Nepal

Durée : 12:59 minutes

"This position sounded like a great opportunity to help somebody and to help the country... it is a rural community with similarities to the rural community where I live in Nova Scotia"

Veronique Plouffe: Uniterra volunteer with RNPM in Peru

Durée : 05:39 minutes

In 2011-2012, Veronique was a Uniterra volunteer with WUSC in Peru. She was strengthening the institutional capacities of the Red Nacional de Promoción de la Mujer (National Network for the Promotion of Women -- RNPM), a national women's network dedicated to promoting equality between women and men.

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