Q. The deadline for submitting an application for the position that interests me has already passed. May I present an application anyway?
A. No. However, we post new positions on a regular basis. We urge you to consult the site often.

Q. Will an application be considered if I send my résumé by post or by e-mail?
A. No. All application files must be sent through our SYGESCA data system.

Q. If none of the positions posted on the website interests me, may I fill out the SYGESCA application form without applying for any particular mandate?
A. No. However, the list of positions available is continuously updated. We urge you to consult it often.

Q. If I have already created an account in the SYGESCA system, must I create a new one to update my file or to apply for another position?
A. No. If you have already created a SYGESCA account, PLEASE DO NOT DO SO AGAIN. To update your file (postal or e-mail address, résumé, etc.), simply open your account in the SYGESCA system and modify your profile. If you wish to apply for another mandate, do so from the Uniterra list of positions. Since you have already created an account, you need only open a session by entering your e-mail address and your password.

Q. I don’t remember if I have created an account in the SYGESCA system, or I have forgotten my password. What should I do?
A. SYGESCA can send you a new password by e-mail. If you don’t remember if you have an account, please contact us by writing to info@uniterra.ca.

Q. Where are interviews held? Are travel costs for going to the interview reimbursed?
A. Interviews normally take place in Montreal or Ottawa, where the CECI and WUSC offices are located. Candidates who do not live near these cities will be interviewed by telephone. Each person pays his or her transportation costs for going to an interview.


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