Together for
gender equality


Equality between men and women is a fundamental issue in moves toward poverty reduction and sustainable development. This makes gender equality a constant concern in the projects and actions undertaken by Uniterra.

This approach enables us to promote human rights while taking account of the specific nature of the status of women and the cultural contexts of each country.

Uniterra’s actions focus on two major priorities:

  • Helping increase women’s access and control over resources and services;
  • Promoting women’s rights, in particular by broadening the knowledge, appropriation and dissemination of egalitarian values among all publics.

Projects in favour of equality between men and woman are under way in various countries:

The Uniterra program relies on collaboration from a number of partners in pursuing this issue:



Ana Carolina Medina

Advisor in the Process of Craft Products

Equality, Economic Development



Astrid Dier

Gender Specialist (Vietnam), Gender and Social Inclusion Advisor (Nepal)

Equality, Education

Nepal, Vietnam



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