The FPA’s Framework for Environmental Management and Monitoring

Given the importance of the rice production in the local economy and the concern regarding the sector's sustainability, the Fédération des périmètres aménagés - the FPA, has decided to integrate environmental concerns into its development strategy. Therefore, with the support of the Uniterra Program, it initiated in 2008 a participatory process to elaborate a framework for environmental management and monitoring.

The first part of the framework  describes the environmental situation of the FPA’s areas of intervention. This is followed by the definition of an overall environmental strategy, and concludes with an annual action plan is proposed. To ensure the full implementation of the 2010-2012 version of this annual plan, the FPA formed an eight-member Environmental Commission.

The action plan will focus on the dissemination of environmental information to its members and partners, the development of management tools, and the capacity-building of producers on specific issues such as pesticides management.

Regarding the environmental issues of regional scope, such as the proliferation of invasive plants, grain eating birds and water pollution from pesticide wastes, the FPA intends to do advocacy work with the State and its partners on specific issues, and to develop partnerships with institutions specializing in these issues, such as la Direction de la protection des végétaux (Department for Plant Protection).

Source : Bulletin d’information environnementale de la Fédération des Périmètres Autogérés (FPA) no 1.
Photo de la FPA