Success stories

In Bolivia, modern messengers travel all over the Andes, like their ancestors, to collect oral information they later retransmitted via the digital and social Medias. In Peru, tippy taps are used as temporary solutions pending a running water system, while in Guatemala the Casa de Cervantes is revitalising and bringing together fair trade and social economy actors. 

In Burkina Faso, « bissap bicycles » enable women hibiscus producers to travel to the market and to carry water, while women actors in the Forum Theatre have improved their socioeconomic status and are smiling again thanks to their performances. In Botswana, network forums enable San organisations from remote regions to share their strengths and weaknesses. And in Malawi, a Nepalese volunteer contributes to improving the milk production by linking potential buyers with milk producers.

In Nepal, hand-made paper production is improving the quality of life of poor and isolated communities, while respecting the forest and its resources. Finally, in Vietnam, marginalised youths find employment thanks to a vocational school training fpr the hotel and catering services.

These are but a few examples of the work of Uniterra’s partners and volunteers in the course of the 2011-2012 year; the examples reflect the engagement of volunteer cooperation actors, as well as the will, tenacity and creativity of populations searching to improved their living conditions.

Each month in the next Uniterra Inside News bulletin, we will present a detailed story to share with you the achievements of Uniterra’s partners and volunteers. This month, we present the work of a volunteer in Peru and a new communication approach in Bolivia.