Seeking Resource People from our Countries of Intervention and Living in Canada

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Can you help us find resource people?

We are searching for nationals of the Uniterra and PCV Haiti countries of intervention, who may be interested in briefing outgoing Canadian volunteers on their country of origin.

Recent budget cuts to CIDA have meant that we can no longer utilize the services of the Center for Intercultural Learning, which has been responsible until now for coordinating and paying for the services of resource people.
Please note that we will need these people within a limited timeframe, since the Uniterra team is organizing 6 trainings within the next 5 weeks!

Thank you in advance for your help and contacts!

Here are more details:

Objective for the meeting between the resource person and volunteer
Offer a personal overview of the country of assignment. The resource person should be able to engage the Canadian volunteer’s interest and curiosity and offer relevant, current and complete information on the subjects listed below.
Type of meeting
If the resource person and volunteer live in the same city, the meeting will preferably be held in person. If not, it can take place via Skype (with camera if possible) or by telephone if the other options are not available.
Length of meeting
Minimum of 1 ½ hrs up to a maximum of 2 ½ hrs.
Time and date
The time, date and location, if necessary, for the meeting will be scheduled by the volunteer and resource person. This meeting should take place within 2 weeks following the intercultural training that the volunteer must take prior to departure. In all cases, the meeting should take place PRIOR to the volunteer’s departure.
Honorarium for resource person
Steps to take
Send the following information to Suzanne Ouellet (, 514-875-9911 ext. 224) as soon as possible:
·         Name
·         Country of origin
·         Contact information (phone number-s, email, city of residence)
·         Languages fluently spoken
This information will be sent to a consultant who will be creating a directory of resource people. This person will contact the resource people and negotiate contracts as necessary.
Resource people
The resource people we are seeking for are:
·         Canadian, permanent residents or hold a work permit (students or others) and are nationals of one of our following countries of intervention: Bolivia, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Guatemala, Guinea, Haiti, Mali, Malawi, Nepal, Peru, Senegal, Vietnam
·         Currently resides in Canada
·         Is good communicator and interested in sharing information about their country of origin
·         Has a high level of cultural knowledge
·         Has up-to-date knowledge of current situation in their country of origin
Subject areas which must be prepared by resource people prior to the meeting
·         Historical facts which have an impact on current development issues in the country of assignment
·         Overview of political and democratic issues, media, the economy. Overview of social issues, human rights, security, religion, demographics, public health.
·         Status of equality between women and men
·         Cultural traits that are both common and different from Canadians’ daily life (e.g. family make up, attitudes towards work, social and family relationships). Perception of wealth, poverty, social differences
·         Work milieu: hierarchy, communications between colleagues, conflict resolution, negotiation methods, work load, work schedule, work conditions, dress codes etc.
·         Recommendations for items to bring (that may be difficult to find in country)
·         Travel and living advice, in response to questions and needs of volunteers