Mali Results Statement

11 partner organisations have increased their capacities through the program. In total, 103 volunteers, including 60 women, worked 7,879 person-days and 4,000 people, including 66% women, acquired newr skills in governance and community work, marketing, mobilisation of resources, organisational and cooperative management.

The results of these increased capacities are increased and improved programs for the Association conseil pour le développement, the Coopérative des productrices de karité de Siby and the Fédération des centres de prestations de services Faranfasiso. Services such as the protection of the shea-butter resource, FLO-CERT fair trade certification, the creation the commercial structure Kalojès, of Si Mali Cosmétic, a co-enterprise between a cooperative grouping and a French firm, for the commercialisation of soaps on the European market; new improved equipment for parboiling rice and contracts for 2,200 tons of rice with the Commission for Food Security. This directly contributed to 3,800 women rice parboilers doubling their revenues and 3,000 shea-butter women producers multiplying their revenues tenfold in a few years. The dialogue between State and the National Network for the Promotion of Social and Solidarity Economy of Mali made possible the development of a National Policy for Social Economy, a first in West Africa.

The Program also support the Fédération des associations de santé communautaire du Mali, a network of 1,060 associations covering the entire territory of Mali and which set up health centers, including 40% that now have laboratories and medical imaging. The Program thereby contributes to improving the access and quality of health services, but also encourages a greater involvement of women and youth in decision-making bodies. Through partnerships with Canadian organisations, some 50 health professionals were trained to community management and facilitation, and a pilot project for the prevention of malnutrition was realised in two health centres benefiting a population 20,000 strong.

Photo credit: Laurence Beunerd