Fair Trade Bazaar is a Hit!

On May 4 and 5, 2012, as part of the Fair Trade Fortnight, CECI participated in the fifth Fair Trade Bazaar organized by Equiterre at the Centre for Sustainable Development. The Bazaar was a real success: 3,000 individuals came to taste fairly traded products and to meet stakeholders in this more equitable form of commerce for small producers from around the world.

With support from the Uniterra Program, CECI ran a booth at the event, and several volunteers returning from their mandates in Fair Trade were able to speak with visitors about their enriching experiences working with artisans and producers in countries in the South.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the volunteers who graciously agreed to give us a few more hours of their time for the Bazaar. Thank you to Nadia Berger, Bouazza Mache, Géraldine Petiteau, Jean-Nicolas François, Krista Jasmann, Véronique Kingsley, Rébecca Gelly-Cyr and Rosalie Lebel.

Fair Trade products from several partners in the South – particularly in Bolivia, Guatemala and Vietnam – were featured at the booth: alpaca wool clothing (dresses, jackets, sweaters, etc.), Nelligan coffee and handcrafts from Guatemala and Vietnam (bags and scarves). More than 300 people visited with us to learn more about the products and about international volunteering opportunities.

In total, 25 exhibitors were present at the Bazaar. Like CECI, several of them raised awareness about Fair Trade issues, while others presented products from different industries in this solidarity trade: bananas, coffee, soccer balls, olive oil, spices, beauty products, chocolate, clothing, handcrafts and more. Most of them are closely collaborating with producers in countries in the South.

Laure Waridel, pioneer in Fair Trade and ethical consumption in Quebec, was spokesperson for the Bazaar. She officially opened the event with an inaugural breakfast and gave a talk on Saturday with photojournalist Éric St-Pierre on Fair Trade issues entitled “Quinze ans de commerce équitable au Québec… et après? (Fifteen years of Fair Trade in Quebec… what now?)”.

The Uniterra Program was a proud sponsor of this event, whose values we fully embrace. Each year we showcase projects at this event that support Fair Trade in the countries in the South.

Photo credit: ©HeriRakotomalala