Initiation to international cooperation
through an internship

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Each year, the Uniterra program takes part in the Quebec Without Borders initiative and offers young Quebecers from ages 18 to 35 the chance to take part in international solidarity initiation internships in a French-speaking African country or in Latin America.

The international development directorate of Quebec’s department of international relations handles coordination of Quebec Without Borders in collaboration with the Association québécoise des organismes de coopération internationale (AQOCI). Quebec Without Borders helps create solid partnerships and strengthens lasting links between North and South.

To learn more about the program:

Un récit d'aventure au Burkina Faso from Camille Gagnon on Vimeo.

Check out our Quebec Without Borders' volunteers' blogs:


Selection criteria

To be eligible for Quebec Without Borders, applicants must meet certain basic criteria. To these conditions are added specific requirements for each of the positions being offered. Candidates must first meet the following conditions:

  • Be 18 to 35 years old
  • Have permanent residence in Quebec going back at least one year
  • Hold the status of Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a strong ability to adapt
  • Be capable of working on a team
  • Show flexibility, creativity and open-mindedness


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